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We love you for being here and showing interest in our music! :)

But as much as we try to do everything ourselves, sometimes a little help from our friends is worth more than any record deal could provide. Of course, we appreciate every follow, like, share, tweet, comment and mention. On most social media you can find us by entering: 



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For those who already know it and also for those who don't, just check out the following button to read more. Seriously, Patreon is an amazing way to support all your favorite artists (musician, blogger, vlogger, painter, writer...). Thank you. :)




Ok seriously, we hope that we just get to tour the world and see you all the time anyway. But just in case you never get to see us in person and still wanna throw in a tip, because you like what we do, you can do that (thank you!!) using the following link:


When going on tour, the best case scenario is to spend a few days in each city before the show, to check out the scene, tell people about us, leave a flyer here and there. We try to do it as often as possible - but you as our extended brain all around the world, would help us, so, so much!! First of all, THANK YOU, for taking the time to read this, to begin with!! :) Everyone who joins our street team will get an exclusive welcome-package. We can also send you a t-shirts for your friend, who can join you on the mission to tell the local scene about us. :) Wanna join or simply have some questions? <3 <3 Send us an email to:



Again - we love every one of you, no matter what - but for those who want to support us a little bit more and join our cosmos, we will kindly accept and hugely appreciate your effort! :)